Friday, November 15, 2013

Dinner Out and a Sunrise

Last night, Sam and I went out to dinner, just the two of us. Ryan was working late, and I figured it would be a nice treat. We headed to our favorite place - Japanese! - to enjoy an early dinner. Sam received a lovely compliment while we were there from a couple expecting their first child - "I just have to say she is so well behaved!" said the woman who was 12 days late (!!). And really, Sam is an awesome dinner companion. She loves to eat out (who doesn't?) and she is old enough to have a conversations with at the dinner table. She had her bowl of rice and edamame while I ate up my delicious veggie rolls (tempura sweet potato - yum!) and then we headed next door for some gelato to finish up our evening. A fun night with my little munchkin!

This morning, although I knew I could probably get up later as Ryan was taking Sam out for breakfast and dropping her off at daycare before late night at work #2, I decided it would be a good idea to keep in the habit of getting up early and running. It really is something that takes practice! I waited until it was just barely light enough to head out without a headlamp, and headed out at 6:01 am. As I ran along the powerlines to Highland Green Road, I could see the glow of the sunrise along the horizon, a large band of orangey-pinks beneath that gorgeous bluebird egg blue sky that somehow seems to be most evident at sunrise and sunset. Once I turned onto the pavement, I caught glimpses of the ever-changing light between the bare branches of the trees, and at the high point of Mountain Road before I headed back into the woods, the sky was alight with bright pinks, purples and oranges. Nothing like a beautiful sunrise to make a 6am run worth it.

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