Friday, September 20, 2013

Route Finding

Went to see Dr. Jamie yesterday. He cracked and pulled away on a few things and when he got to the outer edge of my hip/thigh, he did some trigger point releasing and came away saying, "Oh, that really is tight, isn't it?" Indeed. Feels better today although things were still a bit tight on my run this afternoon. Still, headed in the right direction.

Warm out this afternoon! I headed out on a Snowplug 50k scouting trip and think I have come up with a good loop that doesn't repeat itself, will have a few hills, some nice singletrack along the river and some good easy dirt road running. Should be just over 6.2 miles a loop. I added in a few more miles and called it good at 8. Now it's time to pick up the kiddo and get to work getting organized for tomorrow's long run and Sunday's trip to NC!

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