Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Berm Run and Beach Fun

Didn't quite get up as early as planned this morning - it is vacation after all! - so I just went for a short run. Got in a nice 4 miles on a loop through the neighborhood that includes some running on the path along the berm that borders the community. One of the only places to run on dirt around here :-) Saw two Great Blue herons along the ponds, a cardinal, the resident mockingbirds, a Belted Kingfisher flying low along the water, and a number of large Garden Spiders. I do not ever want to run into one of their webs! *shudder*

After my run, we headed to Wrightsville Beach. It was high tide and a bit breezy, but the sun was shining, the beach was almost empty and we had a lot of fun collecting shells, splashing in the surf and building sandcastles and a castle "pond" that Sam played in. It's always a good day at the beach :-)

Walking the beach, looking for shells

Sam building her castle

"Helping" Daddy bring up water for the castle "pond"

Silly girl!

Fun in the sand and water

And of course, the traditional post-beach stop at Boombalati's!

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