Friday, September 27, 2013

Cart Paths in Reverse

Ever have a run where 1 mile feels like it's really 3? That was this morning's run. Ryan's achilles has been hurting him since his run yesterday morning, so it was just me out there this morning. I headed out right after 7am, just as the sun was rising above the trees. The first golfers don't tee off until 8:00 so I had plenty of time going backwards on the course, but even though I was purposefully trying to go slowly, it just felt like I was moving in slow motion. Still, got in 6.25 miles before we headed down to Wilmington to the beach.

It was even more blustery than on Tuesday, with rough seas and whipping sands. I asked a surfer coming up from the beach if the surfing was good. He said, no, but it was better than a day at the office! Indeed :-) We still had fun collecting shells, outracing the waves and digging pools and trenches.

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