Friday, September 6, 2013


Or the Facebook spellcheck modified version - "Orpheous!" ;-) Either way, it was a great afternoon for 10 miles down to the ocean and back. I headed out around 12:30, the cool breeze blowing and the sun shining. I actually felt a tad chilly for about 2 minutes as I started out across the fields, but quickly warmed up. It really was perfect running weather. Crisp, dry air, warm sun, cool breeze. Couldn't ask for much better!

The Pennelville fields are slowly turning gold and brown, but in the midst of the autumn tones were hints of purple aster, purple cow vetch, pink clover, white queen anne's lace, yellow goldenrod and indian paint brushes. There was a lovely scent in the air - perhaps the milkweed?

It was high tide down at Simpson's Point and I stopped to take in the view, and attempt to open a gel, not very successfully I might add, before turning back for the return trip. Legs felt great, and it was just such a joy to run on such a wonderful afternoon. Days like this are why I love running! And if I can just get through tomorrow morning's 22 miles and still have energy to meet up with old friends for a long weekend of camping, I'll really be happy :-)

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