Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beautiful Day for a Ski!

After yesterday's 9" of fluffy powder, what could be better than a nice ski at Pinelands? Although we awoke to cloudy skies, as the day went on, things cleared and we were treated to beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine. Shannon, little Finley and I headed over after lunch for a nice tour around Oak Hill. The contrast of the fresh white snow against the blue sky was just gorgeous. We could see Mt. Washington, the mountain's white flanks shimmering in the distance. Wish I hadn't forgotten the camera! Although the snow was soft, it was perfect for classic skiing. Very forgiving. A bit slow perhaps, but how can I complain when I had a chance to get out and enjoy the woods on an afternoon like today?!


middle.professor said...

Agreed! But I missed you again! I was in the waxing room until about 1PM then started on the River Valley/Valley Farm side so didn't get to Oak Hill until maybe 1:50 or so.

Sparkplug said...

Jeff, sorry to have missed you again. You probably weren't too far behind us on Oak Hill... we were just moseying along :-) Wasn't it nice out?!
Are you doing Rangeley this weekend? If so, good luck and can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

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