Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day Commons

The day started leisurely, with a bit of sleeping in and a big breakfast of pancakes, bacon, fruit salad and several cups of coffee. With no plans for the day, it was nice to have a relaxing morning. I wasn't sure if I was going to run or not, but around 11:00 am, I decided it was too good of an opportunity not to so I suited up and headed over to Bowdoin to run out into the Commons. It was overcast and raw, windy and spitting rain ever so slightly. Brrr!

I took my time, just running at a mellow pace, and was happy to find that my legs felt good after yesterday's 20 even if I was overall feeling a bit tired. I passed the miles away counting ladyslippers, which are typically in abundance out in the Commons at this time of year. I counted 131, although I was sure many more went unnoticed. There was also rhodora, wild strawberries, blueberry bells, violets, starflowers, bluebead lily and an unknown shrub blooming. Very pretty, as always. Got in a good 6 miles for the day and then went home and ate a donut. HA! ;)


Some sort of Chokeberry? 


Love this grouping of ladyslippers

While I was out running, Sam and Neenie worked out in the garden planting the little plants Sam and I had picked up on Saturday at one of the local plant sales. Of course, Sam is dressed in what could only be termed a typical gardening outfit 😂😂  Love this kid!

Just working in the garden...

...wearing a Patriots Santa hat! 

Good gardener!

Hard at work

Later in the afternoon, we finally motivated and bundled up enough to go out for a short walk in the Commons in search of ladyslippers. With five sets of eyes on a 1.1 mile lollipop, we counted 502 ladyslippers! I had figured we would find more than I had counted this morning, but even I was surprised by how many ladyslippers were out in the woods if we only looked around enough to see them all. Pretty amazing! 

Ladyslipper counters!

Pretty deep pink

Just one of the many out there!

A good Commons day for sure!

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