Sunday, May 7, 2017

Weekend Fun

I was up early enough to run before Ryan headed over to Pineland yesterday morning, but it was nice to feel like I didn't need to rush out the door, so I didn't :) Instead, I had a mellow morning at home with Sam and then headed out into the misty, rainy afternoon for a short 5 mile run down to the river and back after lunch. Afternoon runs are not my favorite and my stomach wasn't very happy with me for some reason, but ah well, it was still good to get out. Managed to get in my run in between major downpours so that was a plus! Things were quite soggy out there and the river was roaring mightily. Definitely more things coming up in the woods - many more patches of blooming trailing arbutus and noticed some starflower leaves emerging amidst all the false lily of the valley leaves, plus some shadbush and hobblebush blooming too!

To finish up this dreary Saturday, we headed to Sam's friend Anne's house for a fun dinner and some game time.

This morning dawned overcast, misty and awfully muggy. I headed out onto the cart paths and then did an extra loop back around the Heath for a nice soggy 8 miles. Saw my first two red efts of the season! Yah! I love these little guys and am always so happy to see them out on the trail :)

After I finished running, the sun came out so we suited up for a hike. Gotta enjoy the sun while it lasts! We did a nice little 1.3 mile loop out in the Cathance complete with roaring river, bullfrog and lots of egg sack sightings, two snake sightings, and a little bit of trail running to finish up the loop :) Always good to get out with Sam and Ryan in the woods!

Looking forward to dinner with Nate, Shannon and the kids to wrap up a good at-home weekend!

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Love the family picture!