Friday, May 26, 2017

Pink, Fuschia and White

Things are really popping in the woods right now. I do so love this time of year! And at no other time are there more pink and fuschia wildflowers out on the forest floor. Showy colors for springtime :)

Ran down to the river and back on Tuesday morning. It was a misty morning and I was excited to see that the rhodora and wild cala lilies were blooming in the Heath! Lots of fringed polygala adding color too. Saw one deer. A tired 5+ miles.

Misty morning Heath

Rhodora and cala lilies blooming

Fringed polygala

Later that morning, I joined Sam's class for their field trip to Hannaford as part of their nutrition unit. We walked there and back; it was a bit chaotic but the kids had fun and overall we walked 3+ miles! (Yes, I wore my watch because I'm a dork like that ;0)

Paper hats are cool!

Thursday morning I was out at 5:30 am into yet another nice cool morning. Ran the 7 mile loop out in the Cathance and enjoyed all the wildflowers. The air smelled sweet, like honeysuckle and flowering trees, and although the river has receded a bit it is still flowing nicely and looks lovely set against its green banks. Saw one deer and one of the resident snowshoe hares by the vernal pool.

15 ladyslippers this morning

Misty, roaring river

Painted trillium


We received news last week that one of Sam's art pieces from school was being included in a special Art is Elementary exhibit at the Topsham Library. Last night was the reception, and it was so fun to see her artwork up on the wall! We are so proud of our little artist :) A great exhibit with works from both Topsham elementary schools!


The proud artist and her work :)

It poured rain overnight and when my alarm went off, I could hear the rain pounding against the skylights above; there was also thunder and lightening, and so with that, I went back to sleep :) After a morning of errands and some house cleaning, the skies lightened slightly in the early afternoon so I headed out a bit before 2:00 pm to run the 5 mile Highland Green road loop. Windy, misty and a bit muddy on the back dirt road. Definitely not the best, but not the worst!

And now it's onto the weekend!

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