Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Place

A constant whirling in my mind

Despite my protests, fear, doubt, guilt, sadness, they seep in

Out on the trail, these feelings are both heightened and lessened

Heightened because, well, they are real, no doubt, and have much power

And yet, and yet, lessened, as the miles go on, as the legs churn, as a rhythm develops

The mind whirls

There is beauty to be sought

There is pride in the power of the legs

There is thankfulness 

There is joy to be found in the miles on these trails that I've traveled for 20+ years

As thoughts turn outward, to the here and now

To the call of the pileated woodpecker

To the expanse of trout lilies growing along the singletrack

To the lone purple trillium, just where I knew I'd find it

To the ocean ahead, two Egrets out in the marsh grasses

To the Great Blue Heron spreading its wings, flying out of its hiding place along the edge of the pond

To my ever-present excitement and awe at nature's beauty and tenacity and the return of life and color and light in the spring

As the flourish of daffodils at the edge of the pond brings a smile to my face

As thoughts turn less anxious

As the mind quiets

It is possible out here, on the trail, out in nature, amidst the trees and along the ocean

To find peace

And that, my friends, is why I run.

[10 miles out through the Commons and Coleman Farm today. It was just what I needed.]


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said (and I concur!)
Hope you soon have more peace of mind in your non-running hours. :)

Anonymous said...

D, I went back today to read this again today..very grateful we have Spring to trigger reflection, newness and dreams.

Hang tough!


Sparkplug said...

Thanks, ladies :) Running is a great therapy, as you both well know!

Sparkplug said...

Also, meant to mention, Ann, 'healthyincville' is our AT friend Willow, who you probably remember from our journals :) Willow, Ann told me she was just re-reading our AT journals after she and her husband George had been down south for George to run the Georgia Death Race! :)