Sunday, May 21, 2017

MA Weekend Fun

We headed down to MA after picking Sam up from school on Friday to spend the weekend with Ryan's sister and parents. The cousins had a fun time chasing around after each other, creating chaos and making all the adults exhausted in between bouts of being adorable - so all in all a great family weekend :)

Ryan and I snuck out on Saturday morning and headed over to Willowdale for a run. It was a gorgeous morning - crisp, cool and sunny - and although allergies were certainly still a factor, I was happy to feel SO much better than Friday during my run! We had fun running the Stonecat course and ran into a whole slew of kid mountain bikers out on the middle section of trails. Unbeknownst to us, Willowdale was the site of a biking festival over the weekend with apparently 200 kids riding on Saturday! Wow. Luckily our run only intersected and followed their course in certain spots so the rest of the run outside of that area was spent in the quiet of the woods. 

With Ryan still recovering from his 50 miler, I was able to keep up and not feel like I was slowing him down and it was nice to be out in the woods enjoying the trails together! As we got back near the start of the course, although my legs were feeling a bit fatigued, I was mostly feeling guilty for being out for 2+ hours, but Ryan convinced me to keep going and we did another small loop before coming back to the car at 16.4 miles, just what I was hoping for! Lots of starflowers lining the forest floor, plus seven garter snakes and two toads seen. A lovely morning run!

This morning, we all slept in, which was much needed and then I headed out for a short road run on the Weldon Farm loop. Yet another beautifully crisp, sunny morning. I was happy to find my legs feeling good and pushed the pace a bit in the final few miles. The air was filled with the sweet smell of honeysuckle, which was a nice diversion from the ever-present poison ivy that is apparently trying to take over the entire world down there. Ewww! A good 5 miles to finish up a solid week.

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