Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sunshine and Warm Weather!

After what has seemed like a very cold, wet and dreary start to spring, it seems that perhaps warmer weather has finally arrived for good. Or at least sunshine for a while :) Yahoo!

It was still a bit chilly when I headed out on Tuesday morning for my run, but it was bright and sunny so I can't complain much. 42 degrees means tights in my book, but hopefully that was the last day of that until the fall! I ran a nice 7 mile loop out in the Cathance. Mist was rising above the roaring river, the goldthread are coming up, a deer bounded across the trail and I even saw a lone turkey rambling along out there. A good start to the day!

Wednesday, while I did not get in any running, Sam did, at her 3rd xc meet of the season. I had to be at a meeting so didn't get there to cheer her on myself but Ryan sent me these two awesome photos of her race. I love her determined look :) And she is getting so strong! I am a proud mama :) And it was yet another nice, warm, sunny day - hurray!

This morning, there was no doubt that it was going to be summerlike - high 50s at 5:50 am when I headed out! I ran the cart paths, enjoying the sweet smells of the flowering trees and honeysuckle, a great blue heron fly over and all the flowers and blooms out and about - bluets, violets, wild strawberries, wood anemone, hobblebush. Got in a good 6 miles and tried to push the pace a bit. Felt good.

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