Friday, May 12, 2017

Long Run

First 20 miler of 2017. Good grief, it's taken a while ;)

Headed out this morning onto the powerlines and out around the dump before hitting the Cathance trails out to Head of Tides. It was a rather damp, humid, heavy morning and I actually stopped and took my inhaler around mile 8 as somehow the combination of the heavy air and the spring allergies was just making me feel ragged breathing-wise.

The trails were fairly quiet, both people and wildlife-wise but out in the Cathance the river is roaring and the wildflowers are very slowly making their appearance known. Rue anemone, goldthread, trailing arbutus, much larger skunk cabbage, ferns unfurling, bluets, and violets are all coming to life.

I was flagging a bit in the final miles but overall it was a good long run and I'm happy to have gotten the miles in! It is such a pretty time of year to be out in the woods - always good to be out there!

Sending happy running thoughts to all my friends running at Riverlands this weekend! I am sad we are missing out on the fun of the first 100 miler in Maine put on by our own running club, as so many people we know will be there running, volunteering and making it all happen, but I am excited to head to Wapack to crew for Ryan in preparation for VT!

Shadbush blooming along the powerlines

Ferns unfurling

Roaring river


Skunk cabbage

Green moss, flowing river

Tiny red eft!

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