Thursday, May 11, 2017

Midweek Catch-up

After the brief few hours of sunshine on Sunday during our hike, it was back to drearinesss and rain. Monday it rained all day and XC practice was cancelled. Tuesday dawned cold - 36 degrees! - and a little less dreary, but certainly not warm spring weather! I hit the cart paths for a wet 6 miles in some new shoes.

Still trying to find the right replacement for the Inov-8 Ultra 290, of which they are no longer making my size :( The North Face Ultra Endurance is certainly decent but I am not sure it is quite the one. This time around trying out the Nike Wildhorse 3, which Ryan loves. After two runs in them this week, I like them but I'm not quite sure they have enough room in the toe box for me to be able to wear them for long runs, unless they break in a bit more... anyway, they felt light and cushiony at least!

Good 6 miles, with five goldfinch, one towhee, two deer, violets, bluets and trailing arbutus seen.

While I was at work, Ryan sent me this photo... Gigi was in a tizzy all day and the little squirrel kept coming back to the window. It's as if it was saying, can we be friends? Or maybe, let me in! 😝

Wednesday morning was overcast and still damp and chilly. I headed out into the Cathance for a run along the river. Nice to be out in the woods as things green up, although spring seems to be coming slowly this year with all the cold, damp weather. The river is still roaring like crazy. 5.7 miles for the morning.

After work/school, it was up to Wiscasset for the second XC meet of the season! Another chilly, overcast afternoon for a meet but the kids don't seem to care :) Sam did a great job - she has definitely gotten stronger since the fall and had a nice finishing kick again this week!


Anonymous said...

Last pic of Sam...!!!!!!!


Sparkplug said...

I know! Isn't it awesome? Taken by her coach in the final stretch!