Sunday, April 2, 2017

Weekend Sixes

Well, we kicked off April with an April Fool's Day snowstorm. I mean, why not?! 😜 Silly weather!

I headed out around 7:00 am in the blowing snow and ran a nice easy 6 miles on Highland Green via the powerlines with an added mile along Canam and home. Powerlines were ankle deep with wet snow but the pavement, although variably plowed, was topped with just enough of a sticky layer of snow to be tacky and decent running given the weather.

I realized a bit later in the morning that perhaps what I had been feeling (aside from the cranky hip flexors) yesterday at the Brad which left me feeling a bit dreary and not wanting to get in more miles was a bit of a head cold coming on, as I spent the rest of a snowy indoor day on Saturday sniffling and sneezing. Ugh! But at least we had nothing to do and nowhere to go so it was relatively relaxing.

I still had hopes to get in the 14 I had originally intended on Friday this morning, but I didn't sleep well and I decided that it might not be the wisest decision, given that I'd prefer for this cold to move along quickly and not settle in. I'm a bit disappointed, but mileage isn't everything so off I went for another mellow 6 to round out the weekend. Ran down the Connector and onto Highland Green and was surprised to find things down to just plain old wet pavement. Of course, the back part of the loop hadn't been plowed but had been driven on by one truck, so I figured what the heck and ran in the truck tracks until the gate, where they had headed down to Tedford Road instead of back to HG. That 0.3 miles in untracked heavy wet snow was not the most fun, but at least it was short! Took the powerlines back, as one snowmobiler had been through yesterday and while it wasn't solid, it was packed just enough. Finished up the miles once again by looping around Canam.

And now the sun is out, so melt snow melt! :) I am looking for spring and dirt!!

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