Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fort Fisher Aquarium Fun

Up and out into the misty morning around 6:50am for a run around the 'block.' Took it nice and easy. Got in a muggy 6 miles, getting in some good wildlife sightings along the way - the alligator, only eyes and end of snout visible in the berm pond, four great blue herons, a great heron, osprey, several redwinged blackbirds and a bunny!

Then it was off to Fort Fisher to visit the Aquarium. It's a neat aquarium with one whole level devoted to local NC wildlife and aquatic species, a touch tank, a big tank of fish, sharks and rays, a turtle exhibit, etc. They also had a special lorikeet exhibit - a little bird house you could walk through with cups of nectar in hand, and have the birds land all over you and drink it up. It was pretty neat, although both mom and I left there with lorikeet poop in our hair 😂😂  It was a fun way to spend a few hours!

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Anonymous said...

cool! I love it when you're allowed to interact with the animals, even if it means poop in your hair. ;)