Sunday, April 9, 2017

Back to the Land of the Living

Well, turns out I really was sick this past weekend, oh and the next four days. Despite the fact that no one else in the household was sick, I somehow managed to get knocked down for the count. I blame my office, as two of the three people I work with have been hacking and sniffling and coughing for the past few weeks. Or maybe it's the weather, or the stress, or whatever. Regardless, I didn't do any running Monday through Thursday. Blah. I could have run on Thursday, but decided an extra day was probably a wise idea.

By Friday, I was feeling so much better and was itching to get out in the fresh air and get in a run, so after dropping Sam off at school I headed over to Pennelville for a run down to the ocean. It was overcast and windy, and there is most definitely still a lot of snow in the woods. But, the fields were clear of snow, pussywillows were in bloom along the roadside, redwinged blackbirds were calling and I saw two pairs of bluebirds flitting about. Spring is coming, slowly but surely....

Felt good to get out and run, even if I was a bit creaky, and I got in a nice 6 miles for the morning. Happy to be back to the land of the living (and running!) :)

Saturday, Ryan took off well before the crack of dawn with Zak and Chad to head over to VT for Runamuck. I really wanted to salvage the running week at least ever so slightly, so I headed out for a short run during Sam's swim lessons. Better some than none. A quick 4 miles through the streets of Bath on a very windy and not so warm morning.

We followed up swim lessons with a fun lunch out and our first trip to Dairy Queen this season, although it was so chilly we ate in the car with the heat on 😂🍦

While we were enjoying our girl's day, the boys had a great run over in VT, and a speedy one at that! Good VT100 training for sure!

This morning, with a plan to get in a (short) double digit run for the day, I headed out onto River Road, cut across on White House Crossing, which was new to me, and then back along Meadow. It was a nice, sunny morning and I focused on keeping things nice and mellow. No need to push too much. 10 miles in 1:30 right on the nose, perfect. The week may not have been what I was hoping for, but such is life. Onward and upward!

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