Saturday, April 15, 2017

NC Fun

An uneventful day of travel yesterday brought us down to NC for a visit with my parents. Thankful for little traffic, on time flights and a very good 7-year old traveling companion!

We arrived to find warmth, sunshine and things are in bloom - glorious! Of course, no arrival is complete without a trip to Pullen Park in Raleigh so that was our first stop :)

This morning, I came downstairs to find a little visitor on the window ;) and some glorious light and mist out back.

Once it got light out, Ryan and I headed out for an early morning run around River Landing. First run in shorts and t-shirt for me this year! It is flat as a pancake here but the loop we took got us out on the "nature trail" for a short bit as well as for several miles on the gravel road along the berm at the edge of the community. So good to hit some dirt! We got in a nice 12 miles, chatting away as we ran along. Always nice to get in some miles with Ryan, and thankful he was willing to keep a reasonable pace ;) 

The fog burned off quickly enough and it did get a bit toasty out there, but I am not complaining ;) Also had a few good wildlife sightings, including two cormorants, a great egret, an osprey, two muskrats in the pond along the berm and a bluebird.

After the run, we headed up to the community center, where Sam joined in on the Easter Egg hunt. I mean, candy, what's not to love?! ;)

And just because there is always so much beauty around at this time of year, here are a few shots from the yard, with more to come over the course of the week for sure :)
Momma bluebird giving me the stink eye as I check in on the nest ;)

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