Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!

Lots of Easter fun today, starting off with a 69 egg hunt in Mom and Dad's yard. That Sam is one lucky kid! :)

While Sam was counting up her booty, Ryan and I headed off for a short run, where we saw all sorts of reptiles, including a skink, a big snake and the alligator that has made its home in the neighborhood. It was one big splash when we ran by and he took to the water! I wasn't feeling super peppy due to not sleeping well last night and some of my allergies kicking in, but it was a good 6 miles to end the week.

We refueled with a big brunch up at the club, followed up by the requisite Easter pictures in "fancy" dress, or as fancy as we get!

It was warm and sunny out, so Sam wanted to head up to the pool for a bit before she joined Ryan and Dad for a few holes of golf. I think she should be nice and tired out tonight ;)

All in all, yet another fun vacation day! :)

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