Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Quiet Day

Quiet day here on the vacation front... got in some very muggy, soupy miles this morning on the Landing course cart paths, as the course is closed today for maintenance. Nice to have some undulation of terrain (maybe 50 feet of gain, ha ha ha!) but the paths are concrete to offset that... Regardless, a nice 10k for the day, complete with some good wildlife sightings - two red-headed woodpeckers, two fox squirrels, a big group of goldfinch, several bluebirds, a catbird and some mockingbirds.

There was even a bit of relaxing after I had finished up payroll and while Ryan, Sam and Dad were off golfing and Mom was taking a nap this afternoon :) Ah, vacation...

And to keep this post a bit more exciting, here are some photos from my parent's yard...

Three baby bluebirds hatched today!

Tree frog napping

Camoflaged green anole

Oh hi there...

In bloom

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