Friday, April 28, 2017

Back to Reality

Back to school and work this week. XC started up on Monday for Sam, and next week we add in swim club. It's going to be a busy spring!

Got out on Tuesday morning for a nice run out in the Cathance. Six miles, with a roaring river and mist rising, a probably coyote sighting as s/he loped across the 3rd hole into the woods, two mallards seen in the swamp grasses and the first wildflower sighting of spring - patch of trailing arbutus at the edge of the trail to the Heath! Love this time of year with the woods greening and the wildflowers beginning to show.

Mist rising

Morning along the river

Trailing arbutus

Wednesday, it rained all day and honestly, I just wasn't motivated to get up and out early in the rainy gloominess, so it was a rest day :)

Thursday, it was misting slightly when I headed out around 6:00 am but it was warm enough to wear shorts so I'll take it! I ran up over Mt. A. and hit the cart paths for a rather soggy 6 miles. Tons of worms out on the paths and pavement. Was hoping I might see some red efts or other salamanders out and about too, but alas, just the worms :) Felt good.

This morning was yet another misty, overcast morning. Ran out into the Cathance with a vague mileage plan, but mostly just a plan to run easy and happy and to enjoy it. It was really wet and squishy and slippery and muddy out on the trails, and the river is running seriously high right now, much higher than it was on Tuesday, with some flooding over the banks in spots. Of course, this made for some incredible, roaring rapids too, which is always fun! I ran out across the metal bridge onto the extended Cathance trails and did the Blueberry loop before heading back. Along the back dirt road I saw a deer crossing, and a phoebe flitting on a branch. Also some pileated woodpeckers calling, but otherwise quiet. A few more patches of trailing arbutus to be found but not much else. We need a bit more warmth and sunshine before things really begin to pop. A good 10 miles for the morning.


So much water

The roaring Cathance

One lone patch of ice hiding out underneath an overhanging rock along the river

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