Sunday, April 30, 2017

Short, Long and Some Hiking In Between

Got out a little after 6:30 am yesterday morning for a quick spin around the block (ie Highland Green via the powerlines) before Ryan headed out for his long run. Not much of note, except a whole lot of birdsong and one Great Blue Heron fly-over, the first of the season sighting. A good fairly snappy 5 miles.

A little later in the morning, Sam and I headed over to the Brad, and met up with John and Emma and kiddos. It was a nice morning and the park was very busy! We hit the playground for some playtime and then Sam and I hiked up the Summit Trail to the summit, where we stopped for a bit to watch some raptors soaring up high on the air waves. We took Northern Loop all the way down for a nice 1.5 mile loop, and I swear she did not stop talking the whole way ;) She is getting to be such a big kid with lots of her own ideas and many questions about how the world works, and she still likes to hold my hand, about which I will never complain. I love spending time out in the woods with her.

Checking out the hawk watch

Windy selfie on the summit

This morning, I got up and headed out into the decidedly colder and windier morning - only 40 degrees when I left the house at 6:45 am with a feel like temp of 36. What happened to yesterday's warm temps?! I ran holes 3-9 on the cart paths as it was much too early and too cold for anyone to be out golfing, and then looped back on hole #5 and onto the Heath trail. From there, I ran down along the river and out across the bridge to Head of Tides. Tried not to get too distracted and stop to take too many photos but boy, is it pretty out there right now with the river still roaring and the forest floor greening.

Returned via the same trails along the river to make it a bit of a longer run and then took the back dirt road and looped back and up and over Mt. A. to get to 16 miles on the nose ;) I felt decent throughout although my legs were feeling a bit tired on the more technical, rooty stuff. I guess it makes sense since this was my longest trail run since the Fells! :) Happy to have gotten in the miles and to hit another 40+ mile week.

Saw two deer, several phoebes, three cormorants out at Head of Tides, one Mallard plus a whole lot of skunk cabbage coming up along the river and in the swampy/marshy areas and numerous patches of trailing arbutus.

Roaring river


Spring colors at Head of Tides

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