Saturday, November 7, 2015

Running, Pie and the Brad

Started the day off with a short three mile run on the powerlines. Didn't quite get up and out early enough for more miles, but that's ok, I'm keeping mileage low so it isn't a big deal. Actually felt pretty good out there, so I'll call it a win. Maybe I am on my way back to feeling "normal" again? Hopefully so.

Needed to get back early so Ryan could get over to Woodside for the 5k Pie Run. Sam had swimming at 10:00 so we decided it wouldn't be ideal for her to run, so we just went to spectate and cheer. Oh, and eat pie at the pie breakfast after the race too ;) Delish! Ryan had a pretty good race for not doing any speedwork, coming in 5th in 19:00 on the dot. Some pretty fast dudes out there today to race against for sure! As he says, his cherry picking skills are awful, as he probably would have had the leading time on any other year. Ha ;) Figures... But anyway, a good cause and a good workout.

Running for pie ;)

After swimming and lunch, Sam was still bouncing off the walls so we decided a hike at Bradbury would be a good way to work off some of that excess kiddo energy ;) It was yet another warm November day as we set off to hike up the summit. We took the long way down, hiking the Boundary Trail around the perimeter of the park, for a nice 2.3 mile adventure out in the woods to cap off the day.

Up to the quarry


Off the summit

Coming down Boundary

New boundary section


Serious, goofy and happy ;)

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