Friday, November 20, 2015

River Walk

I have been stretching and rolling and researching good strengthening exercises and stretches for the piriformis and the hip adductors and doing this crazy thing called neural flossing, which sounds incredibly bizarre, but really seems to be working. I guess this is the wake-up call that I really do need to incorporate a bit more strength work into my running routine. Happily, the hip is feeling much improved and so much looser!

I've taken the past few days off as promised, but did get out for a nice walk/skip/run this afternoon with Sam. After raining like crazy through the night and morning, the skies finally cleared around lunchtime, and temps were hovering right around 50. I volunteered in Sam's classroom in the afternoon and when school was over we drove over to the Cathance. Sam was less than enthused to head out, but once we did, she started to skip and run and enjoy herself. We only went the short 0.7 mile lolypop down to the river and back, but it is always nice to be out in the woods on a warm afternoon, and after we were done, she did admit that she had fun out there :) I hope we can continue to enjoy nature and exercise together - I really love the chance to share both with her!

The river was roaring!

Happy girls out in the woods

Kicking it in on the home stretch ;)

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