Sunday, November 22, 2015

2 x 4

Yesterday afternoon, no one in the house wanted to take me up on the idea of hiking as a family, but I desperately needed to get out in the air and get some exercise so I went for a short run around the Heath instead. The right leg/butt/thigh is still not quite right but it is definitely better. Mostly it feels a bit like something is turned off back there - the power to push up the hills is not quite present. Odd. I will keep working on it and am definitely mindful that I need to be cautious. Nice to get out in the daylight and enjoy the quiet of the woods. Watched a pileated woodpecker pecking away at a downed tree behind Mt. A. Man, they are big birds!

This morning, I met up with Amy for an early morning run at Pineland. The field grasses were frosty underfoot and the sky was a pale greyish blue. Very pretty. We headed out through the fields to the yurt, and saw two flocks of turkeys - one group of 12, and the other close to 30! Wow. No wonder we find a lot of turkey feathers out there! We got in a mellow 4 miles, walking the uphills and chatting away as we ran, then we followed it up with coffee and baked goods. Yum :) The rest of the day was spent rather lazily reading, playing games and watching football so I was happy to have gotten out early!

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