Sunday, November 29, 2015


From 60 degrees on Friday to 25 this morning. November is a fickle month.  Met up with Amy at Pineland at 7:00 am. As we ran out through the field to hit the Oakhill trails, the clouds in the sky out over the Pineland equestrian center up on the hill were tinged in pink and the grasses were awash in what looked like a dusting of sugar - the frost was thick this morning for sure. Got in a nice 6 miles and felt good. Butt/hip was just about a non-issue. Finished up the morning with a cup of coffee, an oatmeal raisin cookie and more chatter ;) Always good to run with Amy.

Later, as the afternoon light dwindled and the brisk wind kicked up the leaves at our feet, Sam, Ryan and I walked across the street to the high school track, doing a few fartleks between trees here and there to warm up. We hopped the fence to the track and ran a lap and a half, finding a much better, open, exit point before running/walking our way back home. Ended up with about 1.5 miles. Only fair that Sam got in a bit of exercise today too!

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