Friday, November 13, 2015


After Tuesday's frosty run, the past few mornings have seemed awfully mild in comparison. Got out yesterday morning and ran the cart paths in reverse, just to change it up. Beautiful sky as the sun began to color the clouds midway through the run. As I finished up on hole #1, the glowing orange orb was just peeking out above the tops of the trees. A good 6 miles for the morning.

I must admit that this morning's run didn't feel as quite good. My legs were really tight, particularly my hips. Very glad I am heading to see Dr. Jamie this afternoon as I feel like my body is just still a bit out of whack after the 100 and needs a bit of readjusting to get back on track. Ah well. Although I feel the push to get back to running some higher mileage, I know that what I really need to do is make sure I am good and recovered so I am still intending to keep my mileage low through the end of the month. The leaf-covered trails and the bog bridges were also very slick this morning after yesterday's rain, so it was a slow one down to the river and back, but with yet again another beautiful November sky.

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