Friday, October 30, 2015

Weekend Running

Well, my weekend starts on Friday but to the rest of you, Friday and Saturday running ;)

On Friday, I dropped Sam off at school, ran some errands, got my flu shot and then headed over to the Bowdoin field house. It was sunny and blustery out, but warm - I was definitely overdressed but I was at least well decked out in orange for hunting season! 

I headed out through the Commons, enjoying the mid-morning light. I continued on out through Pennelville to Coleman Farm, running the edge of the soggy fields down to the ocean's edge. Bright sunlight reflected off the ocean and the shoreline was tinged with the subtle but still beautiful yellow and browns of the oaks and beech trees. Very pretty. Got in a nice 7.3 miles for the morning and felt pretty decent. I suspect I have a few weeks to go before I'm truly recovered and the running feels effortless, if there is such a thing, but regardless it is good to be out and running, no matter what. 

Fall shoreline

Reflecting sky

Fly Agaric, I believe

This morning, I was out the door around 6:50 am. Chilly, only 31 degrees. Brrr. My legs were feeling really creaky and cranky this morning, and just seemed to never warm up. Ah well. Can't all be good ones. Ran the cart paths minus holes 1 and 2. Saw one deer, catching sight of it just as it entered the woods, white tail bobbing. The red leaves of the blackberry brambles were tinged with frost, the horizon a subtle pink. Got in 5.4 miles to cap off a 20 mile recovery week, and came home to Amy's early morning delivery of a beautiful fall bittersweet wreath and donuts :) 

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