Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In Between

A little bit of catch-up around Ghost Train....don't want to forget these moments ;)

Friday afternoon, Sam and I did indeed get out for a run in the Cathance. When I picked her up after school, she was unenthused, but I told her, too bad, we decided we would go, so we're going :) Such a good parent! Ha. However, I was vindicated as later in the run she declared that although she hadn't wanted to go at the beginning, she was now having a great time. In fact, she was enjoying herself so much she decided we should keep going for a bit longer ;) and we ended up with a nice 1 mile run/walk for the day.

Bog bridge running

Leading the way

Across the rocks

Along the river

Riverside selfie ;)

Photo by Sam

While I was off at Ghost Train, Sam and Ryan had a great weekend together. I was a bit nervous and sad to be leaving them for 2 days, but I needn't have worried - they had a wonderful time together and there were no issues. Hurray! Many many thanks to Ryan for letting me take off for the weekend and to Sam for understanding how important it was for me to help Amy out! I am so lucky and thankful to have a family who understands and supports me in all my crazy running adventures. I'd say they had some fun together while I was gone ;)

Bacon and pancakes

Dinner out with friends, and evidence of a dinner well eaten!

That's one cute vampire ;)

Out for a hike

Down by the river

While we were out on Friday afternoon, Sam and I decided that we should come back on Monday and run around the Heath and count the bog bridges. So, when I picked her up yesterday, we did just that. It was a cool and crisp afternoon, with blue skies above. The woods were beautiful with the sun streaming down through the trees. We counted 20 bog bridges and got in a good 1 mile run/walk. So nice to get out in the woods with my girl, and so happy she loves it too!


Beautiful light, the Heath

Glowing light on a cutie pie

Late autumn forest


I'm flying!

Along the Heath

Bog bridge running

Late afternoon, Heath

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