Wednesday, October 7, 2015


I got out for a 4 mile run around the Heath with my headlamp in the darkness yesterday morning, and will run a short 3 miler tomorrow. I felt good yesterday but such little running has me feeling a bit antsy. This is probably the least I've run the week before a race in a really long time, maybe ever. But as Ryan said, well, you'll make up for it by running 100 miles on Saturday. Ha. Yes, after many months of looming in the distance, TARC is quite literally right around the corner, as in THIS SATURDAY! Crazy.

I've spent all year with this race on my mind, its presence lurking, the thought burning a hole in my brain, the idea of completing a 100 miler a bright little ember buried deep within. This ember has fueled my training, it has contributed to my craziness, it has gotten me out on many early morning runs and on many hot and humid days, it has made me tired, it has made me feel strong, it has made me ponder my sanity.

This ember deep within calls to me. It tells me I can do it. It tells me I am strong enough. But I know full well that there is no guarantee. 100 miles is a long way and anything can happen out there. I have never run so far or so long. Oh, who am I kidding, I am nervous as all get out! But I truly believe it's good to get out of your comfort zone every once in a while and go after something that scares you, that you might fail at, but that might just make you stronger too. And as the race gets closer, I feel strangely calmer. Yes, I am still nervous but most of my stuff is packed, the weather is looking good and really, I have done all that I can do. I know I am lucky to go into this armed with my training, my desire, my strength, my focus, and three great friends - Ryan, Amy and Val (Val very nicely agreed last minute to pace me on the last lap as Mindy has unfortunately hurt her quad :( ) - who, among others, will be with me on the course, pushing me, prodding me, encouraging me along the way. I go into this full of excitement, nerves, fear, hope, wonder and a willingness to get it done, with the idea being to come out smiling on the other side, hopefully with buckle in hand ;)

So one more run and three more sleeps, and then, well, here goes nothing!

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Michael said...

You got this Danielle! Run with purpose and don't stop til you're done! Have a great race!