Friday, October 23, 2015


No running means the blog posts don't flow as readily, but that doesn't mean life doesn't go on and there isn't fun still to be had ;)

This past Sunday was BBU. As usual, Ryan was set up at his aid station out on Lawrence Road all day. Sam and I slept in a bit and hung around in the morning until things warmed up ever so slightly before heading over around 10:30am. Boy, was it chilly in the shade! Thankfully, there was a lovely fire pit there which was ever so nice and kept our feet from being completely frozen. Sam had fun playing with Emma and later Marina, while I caught up with friends, cheered on runners and helped out as needed. I was anticipating leaving mid-afternoon but Sam was having such a good time that we ended up staying until the final runner made his way back through the aid station around 6:00 pm. Then we helped break things down and headed to the start/finish to see said runner come through the finish line. This ended up taking a bit longer than anticipated, but that was OK, as we had friends to chat with, yet another fire pit to warm up by, and some delicious soups, rice and breads made by the wonderful school volunteers to enjoy. As always, I come away from events like this inspired and enthused, and happy that we are part of such a great community! Sam held up well, but the reality is that 8 hours out in the cold, brisk October air is a lot for anyone, and on Monday we were still all feeling a wee bit exhausted.

Cutie pies playing in the leaves

Fun in the leaves

Beautiful sky 

View across the field above the aid station as the sun set 

Monday it was damn cold out, and getting out of bed early to walk just does not have the same appeal as getting out of bed to run. Tuesday morning temps were in the low 30s and it was rainy. Bed won out both mornings, although by Tuesday afternoon it was quite nice out, so after picking Sam up at daycare we went on a short run around the block. I was pushing for a run on the trails down to the river but she was unenthused by that prospect so around the block it was. My legs felt fine and I had no soreness or stiffness, although admittedly we only ran 0.7 miles and were only out there for 10 1/2 minutes ;) 

Thursday morning I finally got out for a morning walk, hitting the powerlines a little before 7:00 am for a brisk 2 mile walk, completed in a little under 30 minutes. Not the same as running, but as Ryan said, well, that's faster than your final miles at TARC. Touche. Indeed. I was hoping for a sunrise, but alas, it was overcast so the brightness of the red winterberries set amongst the browning brush would have to suffice for the hints of color for the morning. Legs felt good. No issues. 

This morning, after dropping Sam off at school, I did a few errands and then headed over to the Cathance for a walk. It was brisk and blustery out, but as I walked along the sun came out, and despite the fact that many of the leaves have already fallen at this stage, it truly is beautiful out there in the woods. Walked for 2 1/2 miles/45 minutes. Again, legs felt good with no issues. Tried to keep the pace up. Nice to get out in the fresh air and move the legs. 

Autumn along the river

Rushing waters


So pretty

Down river

Edge of the Cathance




Hoping to get out with Sam this afternoon for a short walk/run along the river, and then tomorrow it is off to Ghost Train with Amy! Yahoo! It's going to be a good, if cold, one! Excited to support her run!

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