Saturday, October 17, 2015


Got out onto the trails along the Cathance yesterday morning. It was a lovely, if slightly overcast, walk in the woods. It felt great to be out breathing the fresh air, taking in the sights and just plain moving. I got in about 1.5 miles in 30 minutes, and finished up just before the rain started to fall. Overall, the body felt decent, although the bottoms of my feet are still a bit tender. No soreness elsewhere though, which I take as a good sign.

Headed down to the river


Autumn birches


Fallen leaves

Churning river

I volunteered in Sam's classroom in the afternoon and then we went into town to buy a birthday present. Of course, we also stopped for gelato. You know, just because ;)

Pumpkie pie gelato, yum!

I awoke at 5:50 this morning to thunder and lightening, followed by some very loud hail striking the skylights. Wow. Quite a weather event! Several hours later as we were leaving the house for Sam's last swim lesson of the session, the hail was still piled up around the front door. Ah, autumn in Maine. Hail and foliage all at the same time ;)

Hail and fallen leaves


Sam did an awesome job swimming, and then after a stop at Frosty's (swim lessons = donuts, which works for both me and Sam ;) ) and a brief stint at home to hang out and have some lunch, we were off to Twin Brook for the Coastal Running League championship. It was a very brisk, windy afternoon. Brrrr! Irene and Dana came up to watch the action - thanks guys! - so Sam had a good cheering section! 

Happy but chilly runner 

Ready to run

The girls being goofy

1/2 mile selfie with Coach Heather

Silly girls

The 1/2 milers. 83 in all.

Hi there

Coming around the back of the field

Final stretch

Finishing kick

Sam did a great job, coming in in 4:57 and 70th for the day. The wind was whipping across the fields, not easy for these little kiddos. This was the last XC meet of the season. Sam (and I) had a great time, and we are already looking forward to spring XC :)

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