Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend Running

Got out yesterday morning for a tired and uninspired 3 miles. Blah. Was hoping for more, but stressed about time and tired from no sleep. So, 3 it was. Then it was off to the last Tumbletime of the season before heading south to Massachusetts to spend the rest of the weekend with Ryan's parents. We met them for lunch in Newburyport and then walked along the path along the Merrimack River to a playground. It was a gorgeous day! Bright, warm and sunny.

Come back, duckies!


Watching the water come in along the tidal river

After lunch, we headed home for some more playtime... bubbles!

I just love her expressions. She is one wacky, crazy cute little kiddo, at least when she isn't driving me nuts :-) 

This morning, I headed out for a run around 8:00 pm. Due to time, I just chose to run the roads. I had planned out a route on and just hoped it would be a good one :-) The route took me out towards the Newburyport marshes, and Middle Street took me right through the middle of part of it. Gorgeous. Red-winged blackbirds were singing and sitting on the edge of the reeds, morning glories were growing along the roadside and the marsh was just a sea of green. I then turned onto a nice rolling road that hugged the marsh to the left for a while. Lots of little white tea roses blooming along the roads, their sweet scent wafting into the air. Saw a fox down by one of the little streams on a quiet back road. The only downside was how much poison ivy there was - it was everywhere! I felt itchy just running two feet away from it all! Crazy how much of it, and how much it was growing and creeping out into the road. Yik!!!! Makes me want to dunk myself in Tecnu or rub my legs with jewelweed, even though I know I hadn't logically gotten near enough to touch any of it. PI is not my favorite, to say the least! But all in all, it was a good morning run - my legs felt good and I kept up a good pace throughout.

And last but not least, Happy Father's Day! Sam and I are very lucky to have Ryan as father and husband, and of course, I have the best dad there is :) Love you guys!

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