Friday, June 21, 2013

Sweet Summertime

Summer brings with it a bounty at the farmer's market, like the crisp green, cucs and snap peas, and the round deep purple beets that I purchased this morning, along with a brimming box of brilliant red strawberries and some homemade biscuits too :-) The woods are lush and green, the grasses are long, the air is hot, the running is inevitably sweaty. The birds sing, osprey circle and call overhead, skunks and raccoons come around out back looking for seeds and nuts. While I don't love HOT, I can't say that I don't love what comes along with the start of summer. So to celebrate, I made a big strawberry shortcake plate for dessert tonight :-) YUM! [OK, so the coolwhip isn't local and it certainly isn't natural, but it does taste good :)]

Got in a mediocre early morning run on Wednesday. Didn't want to get up, but I grumbled and got dressed anyway. Only ran 4 miles because that's all there was time for. Today's run, while much warmer, was much better. I was out of work at 12:00, did a few errands, made a few phone calls and suddenly realized I had better get out the door. I ran out into the sunshine around 2:15 and headed down to the river. Got in a nice 5.25 miles on a Friday afternoon.

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