Sunday, June 23, 2013

Soggy Sunday Run

Headed south to the Brad around 7:30 am. As I hit the highway, the heavens opened up and it started to pour. Well, guess it was going to be a wet run! Amy ended up not being able to make it, but John was still there, waiting in his car as the rain fell. Soon after I pulled in, the rain stopped and I made a quick dash to the bathroom. John said something like, well, at least the rain stopped. Ha, that didn't last long. Started to pour again, but at some point, we just got out of the car and started to run :-) We were going to get wet today, whether from rain, or sweat (muggy already!), or muddy puddles, so why not?

I wanted to run the Scuffle course so that's where we headed. The trails were wet and muddy. We splashed and chatted, cruising along the trails, winding this way and that. John was fun to talk with  and a good running partner, and soon enough we were running back down the Snowmobile trail for the final leg of the course. We got back to the lot right around 9:00 to find Mindy, Val and Xar suiting up and ready to head out. So we tagged along :) It was fun to catch up and hear a bit about the new puppy, the muddy night run at TARC and Xar's class with Professor Walker. We got in 4 miles on some portion of the BBU loop before we hit the parking lot again. At that point, I was losing a bit of steam and had drank all my water, and figured I should probably head home anyway. It was a good 10 miles - always fun to run with friends! Thanks guys!

I was so muddy that I just went right over to the bike wash and hosed myself off, shoes, socks and all :-) Saw Mary in the parking lot and chatted with her for a few minutes before changing and heading on home.

We spent the afternoon down at Kristen's - the girls playing quietly (well, as quiet as two young kids can) and the adults chatting downstairs. My parents are in town for the week, so to celebrate the start of summer, we decided to go out to South Freeport to Harraseeket Lunch for an early dinner. It's beautiful down there - a working waterfront with views out into the coastal islands. And fresh Maine fried seafood to boot! Yum. We had a fun dinner, enjoying the food and soaking up the views.

Quintessential Maine view

Neenie, Pip and the kiddos :-)

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