Saturday, June 22, 2013

Muggy Saturday

Hit the trails this morning around 8:00. The air felt heavy, and it became apparent quickly that despite the nice breeze and overcast skies, it was very muggy out. With the warmth came the deer flies, buzzing around my head as I ran along the back Highland Green dirt road and down the old woods road toward the Ravine Loop. There, I ducked into the woods, happy to be on the twisty singletrack. I crossed the stream and threaded my way along the trail, through groves of birches and ferns, out to the edge of the field along Cathance Road. At that point, I was about 3.8 miles into the run and literally dripping with sweat. Soggy! I turned around and ran back, with a few variations, to finish up at 8 miles.  Was happy with how the run went; I felt strong the whole way. The woods were very quiet this morning, with the major sighting being that of a cute little Black & White Warbler flitting along a thin branch. I was much happier to see him than I was to see the deer flies :-)

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