Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mud, Sweat and Bugs

Nothing says summer running like mud, sweat and bugs. Oh, and stopping during the run to walk into the river and cool off! OK, yes, it was much cooler this morning and there was a lovely breeze. But it was still 70 degrees and the sun is hot. I went out around 7:30 for my run, heading out into the Cathance. I felt better than I did during yesterday's and Friday's runs, but was still a bit sluggish. Darn the heat :-) Still getting used to it, I guess.

I wandered along the singletrack, running the 9-mile route but adding in a 1-mile loop across the stream  to the "yet to be official" trails off the Ravine Trail. Scared up one deer, a woodchuck and our friendly snowshoe hare, as well as a painted turtle. Heard a woodpecker pecking away at one of the trees along the river on the way to and from the Ravine Loop, but never saw him. Lots of ladyslippers, blue bead lilies, starflowers, goldthread, false lily of the valley and trailing arbutus seen. The calla lilies by the Heath are pretty cool too!

It wasn't the fastest or easiest 10 miles, but I was glad to be able to finish off the run and still feel decent. After Ryan got in his run, we headed out for yet another family gathering - this time, graduation at NYA! Ah yes, love those graduations :-) But seriously, we are all very proud of Lillie and it was so nice that all of my aunt's brothers and sisters, plus some of us kids, could be there! Luckily, the chairs were set up in the shade of the trees and the breeze made things almost feel chilly. Lovely! We followed up graduation with an early dinner at Royal River Boathouse, sitting out on the deck and watching the osprey, swallows, sparrows and cormorants down in the harbor. Nice.

Congratulations Lillie!

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