Friday, April 26, 2013

The Deal

So, here's the deal. Before this morning's 3 mile jaunt around the block, I hadn't run since Sunday. After going to see Dr. Jamie on Monday afternoon, the ankle/lower right leg still felt a bit wonky, painful in fact. The tendon that runs over the ankle bone was really tight. I took Tuesday off. Then I took Wednesday off and got a massage. I heated and iced and gently stretched and rolled and did everything I could to make things feel better. Then I took yesterday off. Things were slowly feeling better. So this morning, I heated and stretched and crossed my fingers and headed out the door. I felt hyperaware of things and the ankle isn't totally 100%, but things felt surprisingly decent considering I haven't run in 5 days.

I have had a strong training cycle going into the race, so I think the endurance and fitness are there. I saw Dr. Jamie a number of times, got regular massages, rolled, did my core exercises, etc. I was feeling good and things were going relatively smoothly until this. Perhaps that is just how it goes. It is always something isn't it? That should be obvious by now. Life isn't one nice straight highway, and neither is training. I evidently didn't quite work enough on some of my weak spots, of which the ankle is apparently one, but otherwise I think I did pretty well. So for now, I've got ice on my ankle and am just hoping for the best for tomorrow! I'm as ready as I'm going to be, so TARC 50k, here I come :-)

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