Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blue Sky Sunday

It was chilly this morning with a brisk wind, but the sky was bright and blue. We had a bit of a lazy start to the day but finally made it over to see Mom and Dad around 10:15. Sam and Morgan went right outside to play while the rest of us chatted and Ryan and I suited up to run. We headed out the back door into the Commons, taking the long way out to Pennelville. There we headed out onto the Coleman Farm trails. The view at the end of the peninsula was once again a great one, this time with a bit more blue! The trout lily leaves were popping up everywhere, but other than their spotted greenery there wasn't many signs of spring on the forest floor. We got in a decent-paced 8 miles, and it was great to get in a nice hour+ run with Ryan!

By the time we finished lunch the sun was warm enough that we thought we'd venture out and about for the afternoon. We headed over to Wolfe's Neck Farm where we all had a great time - the kids especially - feeding the sheep, looking in on the growing baby goats, cute little chicks and the one lone baby duckling. From there, we headed to the park where it seemed a lot of other families had the same idea! The parking area was packed! We walked out through the woods to our favorite shoreline beach. The osprey chirped from their nest on the island across the channel, the kids played in the tidal pools, collected shells and hummed at periwinkles. It was a perfect springtime afternoon at the beach, and as always, oh so beautiful!

Walking the beach

The day was topped off with dinner at Gritty's and gelato at Gelato Fiasco. A great day!

(Haven't yet gotten the last of the photos from my parent's camera, but I'll post some highlights from their trip in the next few days.)

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