Monday, April 22, 2013


With this week being taper week, I'm not doing much running. So there's no running to talk about today. There is a bit of a lower right leg/ankle niggle that Dr. Jamie worked on this afternoon. I was hoping to go into TARC with no niggling issues, but perhaps that is not to be. However, Jamie felt confident the work he did today would get me through the race fine and he didn't feel/see any serious issues, just a bit of leftover weakness that's hanging around.

So, with no running and hopefully not much niggling :-), there are photos instead! Lots of photos! :-) Mom and Dad leave tomorrow, and we have so enjoyed having them here! It has been great fun. As always there were way too many photos taken, so here are some highlights.

Riding her bike

Happy rider

Bouncing with Neenie at Tumble Time

Neenie, Pip and the girls

Walking in the woods with Morgan

Bike riding with Morgan

On the swing

Out on their bikes


No visit to Wiscasset is complete without a Red's Eats photos :-)

Neenie and Pip took the girls to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens up in Boothbay - very cool!


Building fairy houses

The builder at work

The final product

Through the circle

Feeding the sheep at Wolfe's Neck Farm

Exploring the shoreline at Wolfe's Neck State Park

Searching the tidal pools

Being goofy at Gritty's

Sam picking out just the right pansies :-)

Getting a ride

Neenie and Sam with their flower pots

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