Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rain and Mist

Awoke to Sam calling out for me around 5:45 am, so I went and resettled her on her pillow before crawling into the bed with her, hoping I could get her to sleep just a little longer. Almost immediately her hand curled around a fistful of my hair, and she lay still, her eyes closed. She fell back to sleep and I drifted peacefully in and out for another 45 minutes or so before we got and started the day.

A light rain was falling, which meant I wasn't in a rush to get out the door - not to mention, Sam chose the longest book in the bookshelf for me to read to her over breakfast :-) Finally got out around 7:45 for a short 3 mile around the block. Fairly uneventful, except for all the worms out on the pavement. I rescued a few that were clearly still moving, but I sadly could not stop for every one out there.

Only one more week until TARC! Hard to believe the end of April is almost here...

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