Saturday, April 6, 2013


Yesterday on my way up to the post office at work, I stopped by the Sunken Garden, basically a garden in an old stone foundation in town, to see what I could see. Little sprouts were coming up throughout the garden, with a few "Glory of the Snow" blooming, and there was a small cluster of crocuses blooming in the sun in a protected corner. Bees were buzzing in and out of the flowers, their legs laden with pollen.

It seems as if nature is telling us spring is here, but winter is resisting leaving completely. This morning, we woke up to yet another cold and blustery morning - 27 degrees with whipping winds. I ran the short Highland Green loop, the wind swirling around me, pushing me, prodding me, offering fierce resistance as I tried to run straight into it. A bit of resistance may make us stronger, may make us grow, but really now, winter, would you stop resisting and just turn us over to spring?!

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