Thursday, April 11, 2013

Nice Morning

Sam and I had dinner with my parents, Kristen and Morgan last night, and then stopped for gelato on the way home. I know, twist my arm, right?! :-) Saw Xar there too, which was fun - hi Xar!) It meant another busy day and a slightly later bedtime, but Sam can totally handle it, and honestly, she is sleeping so much better now, that it is not a huge deal. All this activity seems to be corresponding to a later wake-up in the morning though, which is fine given my schedule, but it does cut into my run time a bit :-)

I headed out a little before 8:30 into the bright sunshine. I was a bit overdressed, but there was a breeze, so it wasn't too bad. I always have a hard time in these transitional periods deciding what to wear! I'm either overdressed or not wearing enough. I prefer to be warm, so I tend to err on the side of too much :-) In any event, I ran holes 3 through 9 on the golf course, enjoying the packed cart paths and the twittering and singing of the birds. I even saw my first newt of the season! The little guy was resting, completely still, at the edge of the cart path near hole #8. He was a beautiful rusty brown with small orange spots. I stopped to say hello to him and watch for a while, but he wasn't going anywhere. I wanted to move him off well out of the way, but didn't know where he was headed, so just left him where he was, hoping he'd make it to his intended destination. Too the long way back along Highland Green Road and the powerlines, and ended up with 5.25 miles for the morning.

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