Sunday, April 7, 2013

Just, Still...

Just got in 16 miles today.
But, still, got in 16 miles today.
Got in 16 miles today!
My, how those few words make a difference in tone.

My thoughts on today's run fall somewhere in between all three. I got out this morning in the hopes of getting in 20+ miles. I haven't been sleeping well this past week - Sam has a spring cold and has been waking up coughing in the night, which keeps me awake. These things don't matter much on the short runs like I had on tap at the end of last week, but when you're talking hours out on the trail, tiredness makes a difference. That, and last weekend's long run plus last week's mileage, plus the cold and wind and running alone, and slipping on the ice somewhere along the Ravine Loop and slightly twinging my upper thigh/groin as I tried to catch myself, well, these things all make a difference. I realize I'm making excuses here, but none of them are untruths and they all played a role in today's run. So, 20+ turned into 16. Would 20 have been better? Probably, at least mentally. I could have slogged through another 4. I could have. Should I have? Perhaps. But I'm just not into serious torture here, people. So, 16 it is. And I think I'm actually cool with that.

I was still out there for 2:42, working on pushing a bit when I could, ie. on the cart paths and dirt roads and pavement, and otherwise, just enjoying being out in the woods, ie. running 11:00 to 13:00 minute miles on the trails in the Cathance :-) I hit the cart paths first, making one loop before heading out on the the trails past the Quarry and along the Heath. Crossed the street and ran Barnes Leap Trail and then followed the trail system along the river. The trails were surprisingly dry in most parts; otherwise, there were just big patches of ice that necessitated walking or careful tiptoeing. It was cold and windy this morning, which I am sure worked in my favor - the hoar-frosty mud and soft ground were frozen underfoot, which made things much easier. The Ravine Loop was the worst and I spent a lot of time picking my way around big patches of slick ice and/or slipping and sliding across things. It was slow going but oh so nice to be out on the trails again. I do love it out there. The river was roaring, and I scared up a few groups of ducks floating in the calm, wide stretches between rapids. Saw a few Phoebes flitting in and out of the branches along the river's edge too. I also spotted a beautiful red fox. Oh, the tail! So fluffy and wonderful. I caught a glimpse of him at the edge of the woods along the river, and stopped to watch him. He stopped and looked at me for a moment before weaving further back into the woods, where he stopped again and looked right at me. I couldn't help but say hello, to which he sort of tilted his head before taking off past my line of vision. Such a neat encounter!

We spent the rest of the day hanging out with my parents, Kristen and Morgan. It was nice and relaxing, if you can possibly call playing outside on a chilly and windy early spring afternoon and listening to the kids scream and chase each other around that :-)

Here are a few photos from the past few days, just so you can get your Sam fix :-)

Snacktime in the car after picking Morgan up from school!


Sam, Neenie and Pippi went to Pineland Farms for their "Friday on the Farm" program and fed the cows...

At the farm

Gathering eggs

In the playhouse

Fun with Neenie and Pippi

Bouncing with Neenie at Tumble Time

Riding her bike!

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