Friday, March 1, 2013

Get It Together

Headed out for a 5 mile road run this morning. It was damp and overcast and sort of windy. I ran down the Connector to Highland Green Road, surprised to find they hadn't yet cleared the sidewalks. Ran the edge of the road instead, hoping I wouldn't slip on the slightly slick icy slush (thank goodness for the good Inov-8 treads!), and ended up doing an out-and-back on the road instead of the typical loop, as they hadn't cleared the back dirt road either. There was no going back on the powerlines either - no snowmobiles had been out since the last snowfall and I wasn't up for tromping through the heavy, crusted over snow. Finished up in 41:30, which seemed pretty good to me given the conditions.

After that I got myself ready for work, took the recycling to the transfer station, went into town and to the bank and the natural food store to get eggs so I could get working on treats for Sunday's snowshoe race. Was feeling pretty proud of myself for getting all of that done while still managing to get to work a bit early! Got to work and realized I had forgotten my lunch... Well, so much for having it all together :-)

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