Friday, March 1, 2013

Sammy Reads Mama A Story

Here's a short video I took the other morning of Sam "reading" me a book. I love the little tales she comes up with. Adorable!

A few funny things of note:
- Sam had just pulled all of my books from the bookshelf prior to me taking this video, most of which are hiking guides and a few of which are plant/flower/animal field guides. She told me she wanted to read my books, and then actually did proceed to flip through most of them. Oh, and she also cleaned the dust off of them as she took them off the shelf. Ha!
- In the video, she is "reading" to me from the book "Wildflowers of the White Mountains."
- You will note the baby doll on the left side of the video. Sam has given this baby doll the name, "Baby Thistle," after Anne's little sister, Thistle, of course :-)
- You will also note that Baby Thistle has a bandaid on her head. Sam has told us that she has a boo-boo from a bee sting. In winter! Wow. That is quite unusual... ;-) (Mom, I think she must have gotten that idea from your story of stepping on the bee stuck in your croc the other month.)
- Towards the end of the video, Sam develops hiccups, which is why the audio breaks up a bit.
- Also at the end of the video, Sam tells me she wants me to be the "teacher" and she'll be the "kid." This is a game she loves to play, and let me tell you, it is oh so exciting! It essentially means that for the duration of the "playtime," I cannot call her Sam or sweet pea, or anything else - she's the teacher! And the teacher must call the kid, "kid." :-)

Sammy Reads Mama A Story from sn0m8n on Vimeo.

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Amy Tobalske said...

My god Danielle! We have the exact baby doll and it has a band aid on it's head too!! Too funny.