Sunday, March 10, 2013

Feels like Spring!

What a great weekend here in Maine! I had to work yesterday, but Sam and Ryan spent the afternoon over at Annie's, playing outside, walking through the woods down to the stream, riding bikes and apparently even a skateboard. It was warm and sunny, and just felt like spring. Today dawned bright and sunny, but a bit cooler, which was actually a good thing, as I was on tap to head to Bradbury for the Sunday morning Trail Monster group run. The group was small, just Mindy, myself, Nathan and John, with Jerry planning to head out on snowshoes for a few miles. We set off down the snowmobile trails toward the powerlines, and were happy to find that the trail has firmed up nicely overnight. There is still a lot of snow out there, but it has thinned in spots especially where the snowmobiles run. Overall, the running was pretty decent, and we spent the first few miles all chatting away, before Nathan and John took off ahead. It was fun to catch up with Mindy as we ran along (have to hear more about that Haliburton movie, Mindy! :-) ), and it was a fine morning to be running through the woods with a friend. Got in a solid 10 miles before meeting up with Ryan and Sam back at the park. Ryan and Nathan took off for a run around the Blizzard course while Sam and I headed to the playground. We spent about an hour playing before heading over to Edna & Lucy's for lunch. The perfect Sunday morning! :-)

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