Thursday, March 28, 2013


8 years ago today, Ryan and I set off on our AT journey. I wouldn't trade those 4 months, and the subsequent years of finishing off the rest of our trail miles, for anything. What better to be out tromping through the woods with your best friend, surrounded by other awesome hiking crazies?! This time of year always conjures up memories of hiking through the woods, in rain, in snow, as flowers bloom, across mountain peaks and up and down the southern valleys, racing spring as it headed north, greening everything in its path. I can't believe it's been 8 years - it seems like forever ago, and yesterday, all at the same time. Funny how time will do that.

Today's short 3-mile jaunt around the block actually made me feel like spring might be on its way. Temps were mild, the snow is clearly and quickly melting, and the air had that damp, earthy smell which I always associate with this time of year. Running isn't quite the same as hiking, but there is a comforting similarity between hiking and ultrarunning. Spending hours out in the woods, with like-minded friends, enjoying the smells, sounds and sights around us. There's something special about that, and something that I never grow tired of. While our hiker friends are far-flung, somehow, though, I think we've found another like-minded group of people here in Maine - the Trail Monsters certainly are awesome running crazies, whom we are lucky to count as friends. We all may be crazy (or perhaps I should just speak for myself), but I think I'm cool with that :-)


pathfinder said...

I am so jealous as I supect I will never have te chance to hike the AT except for maybe some bits and pieces. What an awesome experience and memory.... I know exactly what you mean about the earthy smell..noticed it yesterday at Bradbury.

Sparkplug said...

Kevin, the AT was a once in a lifetime experience, that's for sure, and I know we are very lucky to have been able to do it. I think you can still get a feel for the trail even if you do it in sections. It is a special place.
Glad to read you had a good Bradbury run! And glad to hear the smell of spring is there too - hopefully that means we'll soon be running on all mud and dirt!

Osprey said...

Springer Fever is hard to overcome. Running certainly does help. I'm sure like us, you guys can't wait to follow the blazes with your little one.

Sparkplug said...

Tom, we hope we can instill in Sam a love of nature, hiking and running to match our own. Or at the very least, we'll drag her out for a few hikes/backpacks with her own backpack once she gets a little bigger :-)

Checked out your blog - love that "Lost Osprey" is your trail name. Nice!