Sunday, March 17, 2013

In the Woods and On the Farm

Got out this morning for a nice 6 miler in the neighborhood. Ran down the snowmobile trails for a ways, but they were rather sketchy, so I popped back onto the road at Tedford and ran up to the back Highland Green Road. As I was nearing where the cart path crossed the road at hole #7, I saw a Pileated Woodpecker fly out from the woods and land in a tree right at the edge of the road. I stopped to watch him for a few seconds - his bright red head so comical and majestic at the same time - before he took off in flight again. I took a detour off the pavement and ran the small lollypop down to the river. The footing in the woods was better as it was still mostly packed snow, and running along the roaring river was pretty neat, even it was only for a short ways. Heard cardinals and chickadees calling. Spring is in the air, but it was still chilly out and we're supposed to get 8" to 12" of snow on Tuesday?! What's up with that! Sigh... March, you fickle month, you...

After Ryan got in his run, we headed to Broadway Deli for brunch and then out to Wolfes Neck to check out the new goat kids. Two of them were only three days old. Adorable! Sam had just as much fun riding around on the little toy tractor as she did looking at the animals, but it's always a fun place to visit.

Three-day old goat kids - oh my goodness! Adorable!

Riding the toy tractor

From there we headed back into Brunswick to stop at Crystal Spring Farm. It was new lamb day, and boy do they have a lot of little lambs! There were a lot of people there - we ran into Annie and Phil, Finley, Charlotte, Nate and Shannon, and Kevin, Geita, Sam and Jack. We ended up staying there for a while - Sam had the chance to pet a number of the little lambs and the kids had fun playing around in the hay.
New lambs

Sweet little lambs

Sam had the chance to pet a few of the lambs - so cute!

Sam and Annie checking out the flock

We finished off the day with dinner and playtime at Nate and Shannon's. Sam konked out the minute her head hit the pillow - it was a busy, but very fun-filled friend and animal day :-)

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