Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Wonderland, Snowshoe Snafu, Homer and a Birthday!

We managed to pack a lot in today! We woke to a beautifully winter wonderland, with more snow atop what we received yesterday. The snow was sparkling beneath the bright blue sky and sticking to the trees, looking lovely indeed. We didn't quite start off our morning as quickly as I would have liked given what we were trying to pack in today, but both Ryan and I did get out for a snowshoe run. I headed out around 9:00 am, hoping that some snowmobilers had come through and packed down the trails, but alas, not yet. So, through the snow I tromped, slowly slowly breaking trail along the powerlines. I turned off onto Ryan's "snowshoe loop", got in one loop, walking the big uphill and having fun on the downhill, but noticed near the end that the straps on one shoe were coming loose. Shoot! I had on pretty short straps and apparently with all the trail breaking, and probably me not tightening them quite enough, they were coming loose. I made it up and over the hill before my shoe was totally flapping around. I couldn't get the straps to re-velcro, so I just took the darn things off and ran back with them in my hands for the final 0.2 back to the road. Sadly, at that point, my Garmin was only reading 1.6 miles so I ran the rest of the high school road loop with the snowshoes tucked under my arm to get in 3 miles. Sigh. Not quite as successful or fun as I would have liked, but oh well. I think this snow is here to stay, so I am sure I'll be out for another snowshoe run soon enough! Might stick to the roads tomorrow though :-)

We headed down to Portland around lunchtime, dropping Sam off with Mom and Dad at Kristen's and heading into town to the Portland Museum of Art to see the Winslow Homer exhibition. But first, lunch! We walked the slushy streets up to Hot Suppah! and enjoyed a yummy breakfast for lunch before heading back to the museum. It was very crowded, but the exhibition was a good one. There were definitely some powerful paintings on display, and I was glad to be able to get in to see the show before it was taken down.

Then back to Kristen's for some playtime and a birthday dinner for Morgan. Happy 7th birthday Morgan!

All in all, a busy and fun day!

Silly girls :-)

The happy birthday girl

Smiles in the snow

Playing Candy Land before dinner

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